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House Watch Services Provided 

"OUTSIDE-INSIDE" (per visit)
Do a complete walk-around your home, inside and outside, to check:
a. All of "OUTSIDE" above plus:
b. check for water damage, electrical problems, heating/furnace
  malfunctions, inside cabinets for pests (rodents, etc.) water 
  softeners, water heaters.
c. run water in sinks, flush toilets, to help prevent frozen pipes.
d. check thermostats throughout; appliance failures from power
e. water houseplants per instructions.
f. check, reset and change location of light timers.
g. vehicles: start and run. 
h. any other pre-arranged services agreed upon.
Tailored to your needs: 1st Consultation-Free
PRE-ARRIVAL PREP:"Walk in the door, your vacation begins!"
Schedule and be on-site for:
a. Window washers, house cleaners, landscapers, and other maintenance personnel.
b. Make beds
c. Check and replace light bulbs
d. Purchase groceries
e. Vehicle prep: gas, serviced, detailed, etc.
f. Check electronic equip: tv, video, audio, tele.,
g. Check & replace batteries in flashlights, clocks, etc.
h. Outdoor furniture
i.  Other owner requests.
AFTER DEPARTURE:"Walk out the door, we'll do the rest!"
Schedule and be on-site for:
a. House cleaners & other maintenance personnel.
b. Cover furniture, if requested.
c. Remove perishable food.
d. Set alarm.
e. Trash/recycle run.
f. Other specific owner requests.

* ALARM Monitoring                                                  

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